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14344179_10210382044818243_3981256206078522756_nMy name is Dannii Cohen I am a former stand-up comedian and comedy writer turned psychologist, professional counsellor, life coach and self-help expert. I am specialized in LGBT issues, anxiety, women’s issues, female empowerment, and bullying.

I am an author for Life Hack, The Feminine Collective and The Gay UK and the wellness editor for Colours of Nature.

I have a love for helping people and bringing out the best in someone. I hope to write articles that speak to people who need it and motivate them into actions that could lead them to a happier life. My new book 50 Things to Know to Have a Better Life will be published soon. c2zmrdexeaegcsr

I am also the founder Dannii’s Be Yourself Club: an online psychology based show that mixes comedy with a serious message. A fun way of advising young girls about, why being yourself is good, self-esteem, bullying, empowerment, mental health issues, identity struggles and more.