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Spike Lee, Mick Jagger and the James Brown sage We’re NOT feeling good!!


This week my attention was once more drawn to the upcoming James Brown movie and it’s saga. Much was made of the sacking of Spike Lee late last year, but there was one aspect overlooked.

Lee had been on board with the project for years and had according to Eddie Murphy written “a great, great piece. I wish it could come together. It has everything and his story is incredible. Imagine how incredible Ray Charles’ story was — and he’s at the piano. James Brown is doing splits and running and jump off the wall. Angel dust. Shooting out tires. James’ shit is bananas.”

Sadly we will never get to see this “great piece” as Spike Lee has been replaced by movie director Tate Taylor. According to movie Producer Brian Grazer this was because new people came on board that year.

Now, one of the most important faces to step on board is a certain British singer and performer called Mick Jagger from a band called The Rolling Stones. As he is now co-producer and finances most of the project he has a lot of say so. Certainly according to Grazer “Mick is so amazing. For him to decide he’s going to participate and split half the money” – which makes it sound more like going to a restaurant and sharing a burger then making a movie, but hey. More

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