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Is TV’s new “ironic” racism still racism in a different package?


Hey, guys!! Are you watching comedy these days? It’s never been funnier!!

There is this brilliant new thing it’s called “ironic racism”.

What is this? It is very funny, actually and there are several forms of it about:

1. There are characters that are racists, and they do big and lengthy racist rants. Usually the other characters in the scene stare at these people in “shock”, but never respond.

2. Innocent, cute character suddenly says something horribly racist.

3. A white character in a show goes somewhere “exotic” purely to show how bad this or that is, or insult the people there.

4. Have minorities in the show purely as a stereotype and nothing else.

5. The foreign character who cannot speak English properly (and that’s the only joke).

Hey, sounds funny. Are there lots of shows like this? Well, Glee, The New Normal, 2 Broke Girks, Big Bang Theory, Community, Modern Family, Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23, Family Guy, The Sarah Silverman Programme, New Girl and Are You There Chelsea? and various others, including new TV show “Dads” have all included at least one of these elements.

Why? Well, it is claimed to be a “parody” of “people who are racist” and a protest against political correctness. More

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