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Remembering Ziggy with a Cremation Diamond



So we’ve reached January. Usually the most depressing month of the year. With the year we’ve just had it’s hard to imagine anything more depressing coming at us.

Oh … wait … January the 20th got ya.

This is the month where we try to make good on our New Years resolutions, seek to focus on the year ahead and look back on our past. This is also the month where we most remember those we have lost.

For me this started earlier last month: I celebrated my birthday on December 11 last month, but it wasn’t a happy one. It was the day my beloved Ziggy, an adorable Jack Russell dog that I had for fifteen years (since she was a puppy) got ill. A few days later she had to be put to sleep as nothing more could be done for her and she was in too much pain.

The loss alone was horrific, but for me, it triggered a lot of regrets, trauma, self-loathing and the remembrance of other losses More


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