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DILEMMA | could I be gay?


The gay community is glorious, loving and welcoming.

Question: “Questioning, 24, Male.
“I think I am gay, because I am very much attracted to men, it’s difficult for me to come out and tell my parents about it, society issues! Never had sex before, still a Virgin! I don’t know what’s the scare, like something stopping me to come out! I just watch porn and masturbate! :(“”

Dannii’s Answer: Dear writer,

Judging from the brief information you gave me, I think I can safely say that there is every possibility that you are gay.
I am so sad to understand that this thought scares you, as there is nothing to be ashamed about.
Now what is this about your family not accepting you? Could this be what is stopping you from accepting yourself? Is there no-one in your family you can turn to, at all? If not, I really think the best thing to do is find new people to talk to, to help you through the process of finding your identity. If you are certain your family won’t be there for you, you will need a support network to fall back on in times of need.

The gay community is glorious, loving and welcoming. Step inside and go to a meet up: go on the internet and find a nice LGBT help and/or debate group, a cosy café or something else safe and fun near you. Meeting people you can safely talk to can be a big help to work through whatever is confusing you. You can even find groups like that online, so you can talk from the safety of your room. Don’t immediately go to wild nightclubs or parties though as that can be overwhelming.

Also: stop worrying about your virginity, that’s the very least of your problems. Once you’ve found yourself and your place in the LGBT alphabet this will sort itself out when the time is right.
With love,
Dannii Cohen

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