Yes! You Can Build New Habits That Last!! – Self Improvement Can Be Easy!!

What is it that always stops you from making the changes that you want to make? Or what makes you start and then give up. Is the problem inside you? Is the problem the environment you are in?
If you can’t find the problem when you think about it, just do a dummy run: Start a new pattern you want in your life and write down everything that happens. If you’re lucky, this might be the one that sticks. If you fail find the algorithm in your notes that sets you up to fail. Once you find that, find the way to eliminate it from your life or mindset. More

The Dangers and Lesbophobia of 13 Reasons Why

As I write this I have just realised how long it has been since I have written an article or a proper story. How long it has been since I felt really okay and that I might have suffered a PTSD related setback. Why has this happened I wonder: I felt so good a few weeks ago. Then I realise it started with watching a new Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why. More

New Book Out Now!!

My book 50 Things To Know To Have A Better Life: Self-Improvement Made Easy! has been released today!! Find it here

The Healing Powers of Cosplay

When we think of Cosplay peoples mind usually turn to the stereotype: pasty boys dressing up as their characters and playing out scenes from their favourite sci-fi series in their bedroom. This idea is long since obsolete, though. Forget about bedrooms, cosplay, these days is for everyone: an acceptable way to express yourself, to feel free. Good for the soul and good to relieve stress and anxiety. (More)

INTERVIEW | Helen Lederer, still fabulous after all these years

Recently Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about the 25th anniversary of Absolutely Fabulous. Nice as it was to see them, the announcement slightly freaked me out: 25 years?
There’s no way the show is that old! The 90s are only like what … two or three years ago, right? I mean, else that picture of my best friend and I posing as the world’s most famous fashion victims is twenty years old! There’s no way … But soon my self-denial had to shut itself up and admit that, yes one of the biggest and most influential comedies of the ’90s has reached its 25th anniversary. Time to look back on how it all begun. More

The Importance of Communication and Interpersonal Skills

A lot of people go through life unnecessarily unhappy and depressed. They feel unvalued and misunderstood, seeing no way out of whatever problem they are facing. Often, though, their issues could be solved easily, by doing one little thing.


Communication is important, it can clear away misunderstandings and can stop additional problems arising. Talking can help you get your issues across and bring you inner calm and healing. It helps you purge yourself from the pain that can damage your spirit and even your intestines. More

On Asexual Visibility

My name is Dannii Cohen, I am a new writer for She Knows. I am a feminist, an author and a psychologist. I am part of the LGBT and I am also an asexual. Ah, I bet that last part caught your attention. Some might know what this word means in biology, some might even know it can be applied to humans but most of you might be confused.

It has been scientifically proven that at-least one in hundred people is asexual. This number seems rather high. But despite this it’s the sexuality that is the most ignored. More

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