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Bitesize Advice 4

Be you, don’t compare!

Quick confidence booster #psychology #confidence

Why humor is important #psychology #quotes

Take positive action #psychology #asmr #positivity

Don’t wait for the right moment, just do it!! #psychology #empowerment


Bitesize advice 3

A message for Halloween #psychology #Halloween

Tip; If you are feeling tense or anxious … #anxiety #advise

Inspirational quote for the weekend #empowerment

Reminder for the new week; take the step! #advise #selfhelp

Bitesize advise 2

YOU matter! #reminder #positivepsychology

Quick tip to stop a mild anxiety attack #anxiety #psychology

Positive tip for the weekend #positivepsychology #tip #learning

Fly light my friends! #inspiration

Bitesize Advice

My new project sponsored by HearMeOut; Short advise for people living with stress and anxiety.

Short Breathing Exercise
Mini mindfulness tip for busy people!
Advice for the weekend #Laugh
Getting ready for Monday #breath

The Dangers and Lesbophobia of 13 Reasons Why

As I write this I have just realised how long it has been since I have written an article or a proper story. How long it has been since I felt really okay and that I might have suffered a PTSD related setback. Why has this happened I wonder: I felt so good a few weeks ago. Then I realise it started with watching a new Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why. More

The Healing Powers of Cosplay

When we think of Cosplay peoples mind usually turn to the stereotype: pasty boys dressing up as their characters and playing out scenes from their favourite sci-fi series in their bedroom. This idea is long since obsolete, though. Forget about bedrooms, cosplay, these days is for everyone: an acceptable way to express yourself, to feel free. Good for the soul and good to relieve stress and anxiety. (More)

The Importance of Communication and Interpersonal Skills

A lot of people go through life unnecessarily unhappy and depressed. They feel unvalued and misunderstood, seeing no way out of whatever problem they are facing. Often, though, their issues could be solved easily, by doing one little thing.


Communication is important, it can clear away misunderstandings and can stop additional problems arising. Talking can help you get your issues across and bring you inner calm and healing. It helps you purge yourself from the pain that can damage your spirit and even your intestines. More