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Talking to Tan Talk’s Tiffany Werhner

Talking about childhood depression, children’s books When Clouds Hide The Sun & Christopher the Lonely bear, self help book 50 Things To Know To Have A Better Life and the psychology of tv comedy Red Dwarf to Tan Talk’s Tiffany Werhner

Be part of my Red Dwarf book!

Hi everyone,

A few months ago I had the idea of doing a psychology based Red Dwarf review show for the “Red Dwarf TV” YouTube channel. Recently an Australian publisher said he is a massive Red Dwarf fan and would love to publish this as a book!!

The book will look at the psychology and related themes used in Red Dwarf – and include tips on how to deal with certain issues displayed: anxiety, fear of failure, lack of confidence and so on.

Every episode will be discussed separately on it’s themes and use of psychology issues – including obvious once like Confidence and Paranoia, Terrorform, Justice, the Beginning and so on.

I will also be looking to talk to fans and fanfiction writers:

For fans: How has Red Dwarf helped them in life/what did the show teach them?

Give your opinion on certain episodes and scenes that might go ignored a lot, and certain characters issues or scenes that are often overlooked.

And additional for the fic writers: how do they see the characters mental health, has writing the characters been cathartic sometimes?

I’m really happy about this and hope you like the idea as well. Red Dwarf was what got me interested in psychology, so this really is a full circle.
Lots of love,


Christopher the Lonely Bear – released

In my new children’s book children learn it’s okay to be different!

Children’s Picture Book on Depression

“When Clouds Hide The Sun” my children’s picture book on childhood depression will be released this month!

The 10 Steps to Confidence That No One Told You About

Some people just have confidence. It flows from them naturally and they are always right there at the front when something big happens. They take charge seemingly leading the situation with an enviable ease. Meanwhile there are other people who just don’t have have that natural ease. They seem content to stand at the back and let the world pass them by.

Content? Really?

Don’t be fooled — at least eight out of the ten “back-standers” wish they were that person at the front. The person in charge. The one who is respected; the one who is popular.

How come some people are so easily and naturally confident while there are others terrified to even open their mouth? Well, you see, that is where the problem starts: too often people think that every outgoing person they see is naturally confident. Some of these take-charge leaders were, in fact, once shy back-standers but decided they wanted more. They worked on their confidence, and so can you. More

Yes! You Can Build New Habits That Last!! – Self Improvement Can Be Easy!!

What is it that always stops you from making the changes that you want to make? Or what makes you start and then give up. Is the problem inside you? Is the problem the environment you are in?
If you can’t find the problem when you think about it, just do a dummy run: Start a new pattern you want in your life and write down everything that happens. If you’re lucky, this might be the one that sticks. If you fail find the algorithm in your notes that sets you up to fail. Once you find that, find the way to eliminate it from your life or mindset. More

New Book Out Now!!

My book 50 Things To Know To Have A Better Life: Self-Improvement Made Easy! has been released today!! Find it here

Sign Up For A Better Life Now!!

Coming out in March

Coming out in March

You can now pre-order my book “50 Things To Know To Have A Better Life: Self-Improvement Made Easy!” from Amazon!

Have you ever felt others had it easier than you? Ever felt something was holding you back? Did you ever wish you could just change one thing in your life and everything would be better? (more…)