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Suicide, American Women and Privilege Bias: A Toxic Cocktail of Shame

Recently I enjoyed watching Netflix’ modern remake of the classic comedy series “One Day At A Time.” It had heart, strong female leads, a positive message and was LGBT-inclusive. There was only one thing that spoiled an otherwise lovely new series for me: it’s blatant ‘Privilege Bias.’ Celebrating the eternal lie that someone white/blonde/rich/pretty etc. cannot possibly suffer from problems/depression/abuse. More

The Healing Powers of Cosplay

When we think of Cosplay peoples mind usually turn to the stereotype: pasty boys dressing up as their characters and playing out scenes from their favourite sci-fi series in their bedroom. This idea is long since obsolete, though. Forget about bedrooms, cosplay, these days is for everyone: an acceptable way to express yourself, to feel free. Good for the soul and good to relieve stress and anxiety. (More)

INTERVIEW | Helen Lederer, still fabulous after all these years

Recently Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about the 25th anniversary of Absolutely Fabulous. Nice as it was to see them, the announcement slightly freaked me out: 25 years?
There’s no way the show is that old! The 90s are only like what … two or three years ago, right? I mean, else that picture of my best friend and I posing as the world’s most famous fashion victims is twenty years old! There’s no way … But soon my self-denial had to shut itself up and admit that, yes one of the biggest and most influential comedies of the ’90s has reached its 25th anniversary. Time to look back on how it all begun. More

OPINION | Is Anti-Bullying Week more necessary than ever thanks to the US Election?

This is the week after Donald Trump became President Elect. It is also Anti-Bullying week. More

A Message To You!!

Donald Trump, Rape and the Final Taboo

The main source of my anger is at how lightly people are taking rape these days. Victims are judged the second they open their mouths; they are branded “liars” before an investigation has ever started. Their lives are the ones wrecked after daring to speak out. Cases are dropped or refused for no good reason, because, most police officials, around the world, see it either as a waste of time to pursue a sexual attack or just protect the aggressor by default. More

Reclaiming Our Periods and Erasing the Taboo Associated with Menstruation

Over the last few months, I have noticed something: periods are disappearing!

Not with anyone in particular, but just in general. Periods are disappearing from popular culture and have returned to the outer fringes as if they were once again an embarrassing taboo. The only time you hear them being mentioned these days is in politics, as a punchline to put down women and by confused men.

After a few decades where around the world women reclaimed their periods and femininity in art, articles and as stand up comedians it is sad to see this backward slide. More

Why Would an Attractive Woman like that Become SO Fat?

In recent years fat oppression, more commonly known as “fat shaming”, has become accepted as the “done thing”. Magazines, TV shows and public figures like Katie Hopkins in the UK and Donald Trump, have made “pointing out a person is fat” acceptable.

When clicking on a comment section or message board where people are discussing other people, more often than not the first things discussed are a person’s looks and weight; their personality or accomplishments are only an afterthought. More

The ONE Thing Women REALLY Want

What do women want?
This is question men have been asking themselves for centuries and they still haven’t found the answer. In fact these days it seems men and women have become more separated than ever. Misunderstandings, media reports and television series are making it difficult for men to know how they should behave and if they are doing things right.

Women, on the other hand, now have been given unreasonably high expectations and often find themselves disappointed when they aren’t met. This causes hurt all around, while things could be so easy. When I asked my friends what they looked for in men and what they did not want the answers were simple. More

Drag Kings: Male swagger with a touch of glamour

When I heard THEGAYUK was doing an issue on Drag, I proposed to do a feature on Drag Kings, and FTM Cosplayers an often far too ignored part of the Drag Community.

I have performed as both a cosplayer and a drag kind for most of my adult live (my Johnny Barrie has started branching out on his own on Twitter as well as YouTube) so thought it was time to introduce you to some well known as well as up and coming faces in the world of Drag and Cosplay. MMore