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Why Would an Attractive Woman like that Become SO Fat?

In recent years fat oppression, more commonly known as “fat shaming”, has become accepted as the “done thing”. Magazines, TV shows and public figures like Katie Hopkins in the UK and Donald Trump, have made “pointing out a person is fat” acceptable.

When clicking on a comment section or message board where people are discussing other people, more often than not the first things discussed are a person’s looks and weight; their personality or accomplishments are only an afterthought. More

The ONE Thing Women REALLY Want

What do women want?
This is question men have been asking themselves for centuries and they still haven’t found the answer. In fact these days it seems men and women have become more separated than ever. Misunderstandings, media reports and television series are making it difficult for men to know how they should behave and if they are doing things right.

Women, on the other hand, now have been given unreasonably high expectations and often find themselves disappointed when they aren’t met. This causes hurt all around, while things could be so easy. When I asked my friends what they looked for in men and what they did not want the answers were simple. More

Drag Kings: Male swagger with a touch of glamour

When I heard THEGAYUK was doing an issue on Drag, I proposed to do a feature on Drag Kings, and FTM Cosplayers an often far too ignored part of the Drag Community.

I have performed as both a cosplayer and a drag kind for most of my adult live (my Johnny Barrie has started branching out on his own on Twitter as well as YouTube) so thought it was time to introduce you to some well known as well as up and coming faces in the world of Drag and Cosplay. MMore

Identity Within

“Just be yourself” we are told on an almost daily basis by the media, TV shows, magazines books – even friends and family.

It’s potentially good advise. But what if you do not feel strong enough to be ourselves or don’t know who we are?

The first step to finding yourself and being able to be who you want to be is finding “inner strength” – mental and emotional strength. Building this will help you find your identity and the confidence you need. More