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DILEMMA | could I be gay?

The gay community is glorious, loving and welcoming.

Question: “Questioning, 24, Male.
“I think I am gay, because I am very much attracted to men, it’s difficult for me to come out and tell my parents about it, society issues! Never had sex before, still a Virgin! I don’t know what’s the scare, like something stopping me to come out! I just watch porn and masturbate! :(“”

Dannii’s Answer: Dear writer, (more…)

DILEMMA | How do I rebuild my life after two violent homophobic attacks

A reader asks about how he can start to rebuild his life after two violent attacks and being diagnosed with PTSD. Doctor Dannii Cohen answers. More

Someone Like Me

If you think having a role model and seeing people who are like you when you are growing up is not essential, you are wrong. The power of the media is strong and whatever the message is you receive when you grow up is the one that can either help you or damage you. More

OPINION | Big Brainwashing. Why does Big Brother want us to love dangerous Ann Widdecombe?

Yes, I admit it: I’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother for the first time in years. Hearing it was the Year of the Women I was intrigued. Hearing that there were, to be frank, political discussions hooked me. Little did I know what was in store.

Well, about that whole Year of the Women debacle I can be short: they never meant it did they? If they did the selection would have been better. (Almost) all of the women selected were lovely and admirable in their own way, but were they the perfect choice to represent the whole of womanhood?

Not according to the audience who voted three out in the first week and another three in last Tuesday’s eviction. But even ignoring that: the year of the women basically ended when the men entered the house … or even before that: the moment Ann Widdecombe entered and opened her mouth. MORE

How A Lack of Representation in The Media Impacted My Life

If you think having a role model & seeing people who are like you isn’t important when you are growing up you are wrong.

The power of the media is strong & whatever the message is you grow up with is the one that can either help or damage. More

INTERVIEW | Red Dwarf writer and creator Doug Naylor

Awooga! Red Dwarf is back! Tomorrow the Boys From the Dwarf return to Dave at 21.00! As fresh and exciting as it ever was the Sci Fi comedy explores what would happen if evil was curable. Sadly it soon turns out that the cure might be short-lived as the Boys From the Dwarf find themselves facing their biggest fears.

The original cast (Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn) as well as guest actor Ryan Gage (The Hobbit, the Musketeers,) are on great form in this fast-paced episode.

Peppered with zinging one-liners and jokes plus one of the most bizarre jam sessions in history the episode is easily a contender for best comedy of the year.

Here we talk with writer and creator Doug Naylor about Red Dwarf past, present and future, Ace Rimmer, the fans, anniversary plans and what makes the series so irresistible. More

DILEMMA | Could my bisexual partner cheat on me?

Doctor Dannii Cohen answers reader’s questions. This week Dannii answers a question on whether a bisexual partner is twice as likely to cheat on you and leave? More

ADVICE | How do I get my homophobic family to accept my partner?

What happens when you finally meet, fall in love and marry the love of your life and your family just won’t accept? More

DILEMMA | My husband cheated on me with male sex workers, whilst I was in prison

This week a reader finds out that her husband of 14 years cheated on her with male sex workers, whilst she was in prison. He also bugged her phone and continues to see escorts, even when their two kids are in the house. More

DILEMMA | I’m bisexual, 18 and haven’t had sex yet… I’m worried about not losing my virginity

This week a reader is concerned that he hasn’t yet lost his virginity. Doctor Dannii Cohen gives advice. More