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Someone Like Me

If you think having a role model and seeing people who are like you when you are growing up is not essential, you are wrong. The power of the media is strong and whatever the message is you receive when you grow up is the one that can either help you or damage you. More

Simon Cowell’s black ex Sinitta does not deserve to be degraded

The moment Simon Cowell confirmed that his girlfriend Lauren Silverman was expecting his baby and would become his wife, the British media couldn’t wait to cast Sinitta his best friend and lover of nearly 30 years as “the crazy black woman”, something they love to report about.

This is a step beyond the “crazy ex” and far worse. It is sadly a stereotype media love to jump on gladly, so they can dehumanize the person saying things they do not wish to hear and cover up their own mistakes.

Sadly people still fall for it, and in the UK Sinitta is now being ridiculed by all and sundry, while Simon Cowell has gone from “guy who shagged best friends wife” to “loving fiancée and doting dad stalked by crazy ex,” in the eyes of the media and those that believe them. Sinitta does not deserve this after her long and loyal time with Simon, so let’s look at this from another perspective And educate people who are outside the UK whom might have heared snippets, but have no clue about what’s truly going down. More

Is TV’s new “ironic” racism still racism in a different package?

Hey, guys!! Are you watching comedy these days? It’s never been funnier!!

There is this brilliant new thing it’s called “ironic racism”.

What is this? It is very funny, actually and there are several forms of it about:

1. There are characters that are racists, and they do big and lengthy racist rants. Usually the other characters in the scene stare at these people in “shock”, but never respond.

2. Innocent, cute character suddenly says something horribly racist.

3. A white character in a show goes somewhere “exotic” purely to show how bad this or that is, or insult the people there.

4. Have minorities in the show purely as a stereotype and nothing else.

5. The foreign character who cannot speak English properly (and that’s the only joke).

Hey, sounds funny. Are there lots of shows like this? Well, Glee, The New Normal, 2 Broke Girks, Big Bang Theory, Community, Modern Family, Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23, Family Guy, The Sarah Silverman Programme, New Girl and Are You There Chelsea? and various others, including new TV show “Dads” have all included at least one of these elements.

Why? Well, it is claimed to be a “parody” of “people who are racist” and a protest against political correctness. More

Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and the rest. Why has black culture become whitewashed?

No, I didn’t watch the VMA’s, and judging from my Twitter Timeline I am glad I didn’t.

I gave up on the MTV Video (which we never play anymore) Music awards after they publicly humiliated Michael Jackson in the early ‘00’s, but that’s a different story.

Sadly I could not escape this years edition and especially Miley Cyrus’ performance. After I saw the outrage, shock and horror on my timeline, on news sources and blogs my curiosity got the better of me and I played the video.

All I can say is “sweet nibbles”, and regret that I can never unsee this ever again.

Much has been made of the “minstrel” elements in the show, with Miley apparently using black women as nothing more then props. True, that. You have to wonder why black people still sign up to be degraded. But realising how poor some of our black folk still are and adding the fact that it is so difficult for black dancers and models to find work they often have to take on anything might be a big part of understanding it. More

Spike Lee, Mick Jagger and the James Brown sage We’re NOT feeling good!!

This week my attention was once more drawn to the upcoming James Brown movie and it’s saga. Much was made of the sacking of Spike Lee late last year, but there was one aspect overlooked.

Lee had been on board with the project for years and had according to Eddie Murphy written “a great, great piece. I wish it could come together. It has everything and his story is incredible. Imagine how incredible Ray Charles’ story was — and he’s at the piano. James Brown is doing splits and running and jump off the wall. Angel dust. Shooting out tires. James’ shit is bananas.”

Sadly we will never get to see this “great piece” as Spike Lee has been replaced by movie director Tate Taylor. According to movie Producer Brian Grazer this was because new people came on board that year.

Now, one of the most important faces to step on board is a certain British singer and performer called Mick Jagger from a band called The Rolling Stones. As he is now co-producer and finances most of the project he has a lot of say so. Certainly according to Grazer “Mick is so amazing. For him to decide he’s going to participate and split half the money” – which makes it sound more like going to a restaurant and sharing a burger then making a movie, but hey. More

Black women get killed too – The war on Black women

For the last week or so I’ve been following the reports on the riots after the Michael Brown shooting. This is horrible, I cannot imagine his families grief.

The response has been phenomenal: I think it is a good thing that the black community is coming together in protest once again – there is a growing unity that was absent for far too long.

But there is one thing that irks me: why do these protests always coincide with a (young) men being senselessly murdered? Why do the protesters always say: “We are tired of our men being gunned down.”.

What, just tired of our MEN being shot?

Where is the outrages when our women are gunned down? Over the last year alone, I’ve seen article after article, report after report where, in gruesome detail it was revealed how black women are systematically assaulted, abused, raped and sometimes killed by white men – including police men. Non, and I repeat NONE of these stories caused even the tiniest bit of outrage. Non of these stories even made it on the cover of newspaper or into TV news bulletins.

Why is this? Do black women not exist and because of this have no right to live? Research recently revealed that for many groups black women are seen as the bottom of the pile in the race chart. More

So, the fashion industry is still racist…

Naomi Campbell, Iman, Alek Wek, Tyra Banks these are the names you think of when you say “black models”, FAMOUS black models. But where are their successors, where are the new iconic black names? Are they coming at all?

According to a new article in the NY Times, they are a long way away. “The New York shows are as dominated by white models as they have been since the late 1990s, roughly at the end of the era of supermodels. Jezebel, a blog that has been tracking the appearance of minorities in fashion shows since the debate erupted, noted that the numbers are hardly encouraging. After a notable increase in 2009 that followed extensive news media coverage, the representation of black models has remained fairly steady until this year, when they accounted for only 6 percent of the looks shown at the last Fashion Week in February (down from 8.1 percent the previous season); 82.7 percent were worn by white models.

In Europe, where Phoebe Philo of Céline, Raf Simons of Dior and many others have presented entire collections using no black models at all, the opportunities have been even less favorable for minorities.” More

From Red Dwarf to Doctor Who, from Idris Elba to David Harewood and Marianne Jean-Baptiste why do British blacks have to come to the USA to find love in the UK?

This month Homeland star David Harewood has criticised the lack of opportunities for young black actors in the UK and advised them to head Stateside to find stardom.

He is not the only one: more and more black UK actors have begun to realise that they might never find work on the TV screens or theatre boards of their home country. Despite Afro-American actors often rightly complaining of racism in Hollywood and it’s lack of diversity, it still proves a haven for black UK actors.

Rufus Norris one of the UK’s top theatre directors recently told the BBC that the UK still lags behind the US when it comes to casting black actors. “In America, there is much more colour-blind casting,” he explained. “What we want to see is a more representative cast across the board in all dramas.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Idris Elba, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Naomie Harris, David Oyelowo, Adrian Lester, Thandie Newton, Sophie Okonedo and David Harewood are the most prominent of the Brit actors that got their chance on USA TV. It seems strange that these very talented actors would fail all their auditions in the UK, but each and every one of them only got a part in their homeland, after their USA projects. They have to go beyond the extra mile to prove themselves. When they have a name they are bankable, if there is no name attached to a black face British TV thinks the ratings will plummet because the audience can not relate. The same is never said about a white face. More

Why is the media so desperate to erase Singer Janet Jackson from history?

It seems the media is desperate for Janet Jackson to quit the industry. Despite Janet and her team admitting on various occasions that a new album is in the pipeline, the media just refuses to acknowledge it.

Instead they repeat the same mantra: Janet has quit the industry, gone into hiding, converted to Islam and refuses to see her family – with gossip about her brothers begging for money and her suffering from severe OCD.

In reality: Janet is recording an album, has visited her family last month (even supporting her mother Katherine to court), has always supported her brothers when necessary (though they are in no need of support right now, as they are on a very successful tour) and showed no sign of OCD when she was recording (even putting her feet on the table where she would later be mixing on wearing shoes – no OCD sufferer would do this.) No word on her converting, but Janet has always been a very strict Christian, with her book True You referring to biblical quotes, praying and bible reading quite a lot. You don’t change something so important to you in the blink of an eye. More