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Someone Like Me

If you think having a role model and seeing people who are like you when you are growing up is not essential, you are wrong. The power of the media is strong and whatever the message is you receive when you grow up is the one that can either help you or damage you. More

Confidence takes time: six steps towards a more social and confident you.

The media keeps throwing articles and TV shows at us, telling us we all should strive to be confident and youthful. Shy people are advised to go out there and start socializing they say.

Being bullied as a youth turned me into a shy person with chronic anxiety, which makes it hard to connect to others and trust people. Over the years I used all the advise TV and media threw at me to try and become ‘better’. To become what I believe I should be; a happy go lucky person with a full social life.

I ended up depressed and exhausted. I also felt as if something was wrong with me, until I realised that it wasn’t me that was the problem. It was the advice. More

Bitesize Advice 6

Add this one good habit to your day …

Another tip to beat #Anxiety

Visualise to make it happen #psychology

Be kind to yourself

Distract a depressed anxious mind

Life needs pleasure!

Don’t be pressured by social media!

Don’t let negativity rule your mind

Don’t keep your sadness to yourself!

Always speak your truth – don’t let anyone hurt you!

It doesn’t matter WHEN you succeed; it’s the courage to try that counts! #NewYearNewYou

A message for everyone feeling they started the new year badly!!

How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions tip 1

How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions tip 2

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions tip 3

How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions tip 4

A Christmas Wish For You All!!

Christmas Bitesize Advice!

Calm holiday stress and anxiety tip 1 #christmas #psychology

Calm holiday stress and anxiety tip 2 #christmas #psychology

Calm holiday stress and anxiety tip 3 #christmas #psychology

How to keep Christmas dinner fun #psychology

Picture Book on childhood Depression out now!

As a psychologist I often meet with children that don’t understand what’s wrong with them or their friends or parents. To help them understand I have written the book “When Clouds Hide The Sun”. The book describes childhood depression in a very easy to read and ‘fun’ way.

Order “When Clouds hide The Sun” here now!

Bitesize Advice 5

Why you should lower your expectations #psychology

The importance of giving and receiving compliments #Psychology

How to ground during an #anxiety attack #psychology

Why laughing at yourself relieves stress #psychology

Get organized!

Reaching Out for Invisible Help During Dark Days

Already deep into November, winter is getting nearer & nearer.

We are reaching the tail end of a year that has, once again, been difficult for many of us. We have been tried with an abundance of natural disasters, shootings, murders, terrorism, hate & other painful events.

These are the times when we need something or someone to hold onto.

Finding Support in Unlikely Places